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Care and Treatment for Bulging Discs

A bulging disc, simply put, occurs when one of the cushions between your spine's vertebrae is pushed out of its normal space. While your bulging disc may not be painful at first, the disc can weaken or the inner part of the disc can push against a nerve, causing pain, tingling sensations, and even numbness.

Fortunately, a bulging disc is a fairly common condition in the aged people and Delaware Valley Chiropractic & Rehab is experienced in rehabilitating bulging discs as well as pain that goes along with such a condition. 

Whether it is our Chiropractic care, orthopedic care or Pain Management treatments, they all can be effective treatments for mitigating and rehabilitating your bulging disc!
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Learn About the Symptoms of a Bulging Disc

While your bulging disc may have remained asymptomatic and free from pain, not all cases are the same. If the bulging disc puts pressure on a specific nerve, then the area of your body affected by that specific nerve will experience symptoms, including pain and numbness.

Additionally, you can be affected by other symptoms like muscle weakness, tingling sensations, and numbness. Before your treatment gets underway, you'll go through a preliminary examination to ensure we're giving you the right treatments for your needs and the specified goals of your recovery.

You won't find this highly individualized approach with every chiropractor! Plus, we accept most insurance plans to keep the costs of your treatment affordable, so you can focus on getting better and not on the bills or payments.
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A Record of Success in Treating Bulging Discs

In order to fully and successfully rehabilitate your bulging disc, Delaware Valley Chiropractic & Rehab will take a comprehensive approach using all the tools at its disposal. We will offer a unique, effective treatment plan that can be altered to better suit your individual needs, desires, or goals as the treatment progresses.

Call Delaware Valley Chiropractic & Rehab today at 610-376-1881 for a FREE consultation to discuss a potential bulging disc problem, or walk in at 231 N. 5th St., Reading, PA 19601 for a more detailed discussion of your issues.
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